"Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky,
We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness."
Khalil Gibran

Sunday, June 4, 2017


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The lights stay on all night
in the deserted hospital wing
despite the autumn leaves spilled
through unlatched windows
and the tubes, which dangle from
dead machines besides empty beds.
To wake in such a place
with no memory, no name
and no-one to answer the ringless bell…
is to know what awaits beyond the veil.


Flash 55 PLUS! : Ghost Town.

I am happy to report that my recent stay in hospital was not like this at all, but there were times when a lay awake deep in the night, when a sense of abandonment crept in.


  1. Yeesh, I'm leaving ARA, "against Reaper's advice"!

  2. The stillness here is preternaturally grim, a morphine drip of terror. Perhaps the child locked in us, the caged animal, the opus contra naturum of organic life, scents the antiseptic's failure and the ghostly night beyond. Dreamlike in its horror and the rope that peals the bell is the final line. Shivers. Welcome back, we have missed you so.

  3. What a chilling scenario to wake to. Your words are haunting and frame the photo well.

  4. Wow, that's a very spooky ghost town scenario – and a very grim view of what lies beyond the veil.

  5. This is what it feels like to have a broken heart, and to be left alone, sitting inside it --- maybe even when there's a counselor or friend across from you. You suddenly feel like you don't even know who you are, and no one can get to where it aches to help you heal.

    1. "the ringless bell" ... That's it exactly.

  6. Perfect phrasing. And the season had to be Autumn. Yep

  7. My goodness, yes, yes... hospital can feel like that! I'm sooo glad you are home now, Kerry. And this is a strong poem for your re-entry! xoxo

  8. Having spent some time at a hospital as well lately makes me feel a lot for this... to be awake at night felt so very lonely, yet when morning came it wasn't like that. Maybe it's looking into the future.

  9. Ooh, abandoned hospitals give me chills. you've captured them perfectly in this poem, Kerry, particularly in the lines:
    '...the tubes, which dangle from
    dead machines besides empty beds'
    '...no-one to answer the ringless bell…
    is to know what awaits beyond the veil'.

  10. 'To wake in such a place with no memory, no name and no-one to answer the ringless bell…is to know what awaits beyond the veil' this is soo chilling! The imagery in your poem is absolutely haunting! Beautifully rendered.

    PS: There was a plugin conflict in my blog.. I uninstalled it. Everything seems okay now. Comments are rolling. Thanks for letting me know.

  11. Time at the hospital whether as a patient or visitor is always scary.

  12. This was already haunting at lights staying on in an empty hospital wing.The rest was extra.

  13. It sounds like purgatory, or a scene from a horror movie!

  14. terrifying.

    and here i sit at the beginning of a 7 hour chemo session, as my friend works while the death to ward off death drips into her veins...

  15. You captured that strange feeling that invades the heart after long hospital stays, that separation (that can feel so much like loneliness dancing with despair) even when there are others just outside the door...

  16. ...those curtains drawn back, the broken equipment, the dim light, ringless bell - to wake UP from such a dream would be a relief! I've only been in them (so far) to give birth and perhaps bring food to my husband (who works in one). I had a baby to hold (six :) but to go in for a life threatening problem - I'm sure it is sobering.


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